BA Global Economics and Management (GEM)



GEM is concerned with the management of economic and societal changes. It combines courses from economics, organization theory, business and social sciences to prepare students for their future responsibilities in a context characterized by global trade, financial interdependence, economic crises, environmental risks and inequality. GEM students learn to analyze and discuss questions such as: How did governments react to the Eurozone crisis? What is the role of public transportation in a region’s economic development? What role do networks play in today’s economy and political systems? How does civil society initiatives impact development work? How can firms, governments and NGOs help reconcile ecological, social and economic sustainability?

Students learn that successful management of economic challenges involve many different perspectives and institutions, including innovative national and multinational firms, governmental agencies and other international organizations. Program courses convey that the accomplishments of individual firms and countries are dependent on framework conditions such as societal preferences, political processes, and technological innovation.

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